Fed Up of Yo-Yo Dieting, 'One More Chance Diets' and Wanting To Eliminate The Fear and Frustrations Associated With Trying To Find A Diet, For You, That Actually Works...?

Discover The Secret Workout Plan and Diet That Enables Our Clients To Lose Between 15-21lbs In Just 25 Days

All In Our Exclusive 1-2-1 Private Fitness Studio

Here's a breakdown of some of what you get...

  • Bespoke Workouts Designed Specifically For You
  • Structured, Easy To Follow Nutritional Plans
  • Supportive Recipes So You Never Get Bored
  • Monitored Progress To Keep You On Track, Focused And Getting Results

3 FREE Personal Training Sessions

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Eliminate The Fears and Frustrations of Weight Loss

Personal Trainers in Liverpool Weight Loss

Thank you for visiting Liverpool Personal Training Studios official website.

We are so proud to be able to help you in your health and fitness goals and share with you all our secrets to getting our clients in to fantastic shape.

We have helped 1000’s of people just like you through our 1-2-1 personal training, group training programs and online personal training plans.

We know the struggles, the frustrations, the temptations and obstacles you will need to overcome to achieve your weight loss goals and that is why we have specific training and nutritional systems in place to make it as easy and as effective as possible.

We have 2 personal training studios in Liverpool. One at the Matchworks L19 and another in Smithdown Rd L15.

Once you have downloaded your VIP Personal Training Voucher one of our personal trainers will give you a call and get you booked in at your convenience.

The VIP Personal Training Voucher is broken down in to 3 sessions.

Session 1: Is a consultation where we go through everything you are wanting from the program. Find out exactly what is stopping or what has stopped you in the past to achieving this and also start to set out a workout and diet plan bespoke to you.

You will also be taken through our mobility warm up program, essential to get the full body mobile and ‘free’ again.

Session 2: A continuation on from session 1 in that we take you through your first full workout based on your initial goals.

Session 3: Is where we take you through another workout based on your goals and then show you what we would recommend you follow for the next section of your health and fitness goals.

This is also the chance for you to then decide if you want to make the investment and take action or if you want to continue to search for something else.

When looking for a personal trainer in Liverpool we understand you have many choices. Finding the right personal trainer in Liverpool for you is tough which is why we want to offer you 3 free personal training sessions to show you how our personal trainers in Liverpool are the right personal trainers for you.

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Personal Trainers in Liverpool City Centre

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