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Welcome To Liverpool Personal Training Studios

Name: Matt Ibbs
Tel: 0151 427 3642
Address: Liverpool Personal Training Studios
Unit 23 The Matchworks
L19 2RF

Dear Fitness Enthuasist

Welcome to Liverpool Personal Training Studios – Where we make weight loss easy!

Liverpool Personal Training Studios has 2 private personal training facilities in Liverpool. We have a selection of personal trainers in Liverpool working from our private personal training studios and all our personal trainers are Weight Loss Specialists and we have helped thousands of people just like you to lose weight, get healthy AND keep the weight off long term!

Alongside your personal training sessions you also get:

  • Full Customised Nutritional Plans Over 4 Phases!
  • Recipe Books!
  • Mobility Assessments!
  • External Training Programs!
  • Weekly Monitoring and Assessments!
  • Nutritional Reports!
  • 24/7 Support With Your Personal Trainer!
  • Results!

Results??? That can mean anything right…. Not with our personal trainers. From your initial personal training consultation with one of our personal trainers we will go through exactly what you want to achieve and set specific targets and monitoring process to help you get their. Your workouts, nutrition and phases will all be planned and assessed to show you how we can help you to achieve these.

Results with personal training is not about losing a few pounds. Any fitness plan or exercise class in Liverpool can get you to lose a few pounds. Results come form making positive changes, making lifestyle changes that not only lose the weight you want and get you in to the body shape you want but to also increase your health.

If you focus your mind on getting healthy and all the food you eat and exercise you follow has then goal of improving your health then weight loss is easy.

Your personal trainer will help you with this and through your consultation with your trainer you will get a clear picture as to why certain results are important to you and why hiring a personal trainer to get you there will help you to achieve these results.

You will also notice:

  • You Will Have More Energy
  • Better Sleeping Patterns
  • More Focused
  • More Confidence
  • More Stamina
  • Better Relationships
  • Less Stress
  • More Control

Feeling over weight and feeling uncomfortable within your self affects many aspects of your life. All the personal trainers who work out of Liverpool Personal Training Studios are fully aware of this and have specific principles and systems in place to help you with all of this.

We know starting any weight loss program is tough, we know how hard it is for you to make the first call, to visit the personal training studio for the first time and to make the commitment to invest your time in to a personal trainer.

That is why we are here to help you every step of the way. To guide you through each phase of our nutritional plans. To coach you through every aspect of the nutritional program and exercise program so you have a full understanding as to why everything is important and why you are doing certain things.

Nothing is left to chance!

We are not an exercise studio or a gym. We are a personal training studio. Our business relies on our clients getting the results they want and need. Without this we wouldn’t have a business and that is why i am so confident in Liverpool Personal Training Studios being able to get you not only the results you want but also the results you need to be able to lead a healthier, happier life.


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It is your life and your body but it is also your choice as to whether you want a professional personal training service who’s focus is your results and experience or do you continue to search for cheaper alternatives which have failed you in the past.


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Matt Ibbs
IFS UK Personal Trainer of the Year 2008
Owner and Personal Trainer at Liverpool Personal Training Studios.

Liverpool Personal Training Studios
Unit 23 The Matchworks
Speke Road
L19 2RF

Tel: 0151 427 3643

Making Weight Loss and Health Easy!

We have 2 personal training studios located in Liverpool, Merseyside. Please call: 0151 427 3643 to book your personal trainer in Liverpool today!

Liverpool Personal Training Studios specialises in weight loss personal training programs. All of our personal trainers in Liverpool will help you to lose weight, tone up, reduce body fat and get in to fantastic shape. Our 2 personal training studios in Liverpool at at the Matchworks in Speke and also Smithdown Road in Liverpool.