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Marnie  lost over 80lbs in 7 months with our weight loss specific personal training programs . Our personal trainers fully understand

Some of Our Clients Fantastic Weight Loss Results!

Through our specific weight loss food plans and personalised workouts our clients have achieved amazing results

  • Get Ready For Your Holiday


    Tony wanted to look his best on his holiday.
    The transformation is fantastic and another reason
    why people choose our personal training studio

  • 5 months and 38lbs LOST!

2 Personal Training Studios in Liverpool!

We Have 2 Private Personal Training Studios For You To Choose From;
The Matchworks L19 2RF & Smithdown Road L15.

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We want you to know exactly how our products work and why we can get you the results you want. Thats why we want to offer you the chance to come and have 3 free personal training sessions with one of our trainers and discover;

Our Support Program throughout your personal training programs is what drives our clients to such amazing results. You get 24/7 support and a 'client only' mobile number to contact your trainer direct

How Our Personal Training Programs Guarantee Results. All our programs are specific to you so no matter where you are in your fitness levels everything is tailored around your current needs

Our Accountability Program. We monitor and assess your progression to guarantee you are on track and get the results you joined up for.


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The Most Common Questions Asked About Personal Training!

  • "Am I Fit Enough"
    All of our personal training programs are tailored to you. So no matter what your current fitness level is you are never given anything that isn't specific to you nor anything that you will not be able to do.
    Your programs are monitored too so we can ensure progression. All programs are logged so you can see your progress too.
  • "I Have A Busy Job And Struggle To Diet"
    Personal Training is just that; Personal.
    We understand that everyone is different and their lifestyles are different.
    That is why we can ensure that your nutritional plans are specific to you.
    We can structure you plans to fit with your lifestyle.
  • "I Haven't Got Enough Time"
    Your workouts are tailored to your commitments.
    All of your workouts will be designed around your schedule and are tailored to fit in to your lifestyle to ensure you get the results you want.
  • "I Will Be The Un-Fittest There"
    This is one of the main concerns people have when joining our programs but you do not have to worry.
    Everyone who trainers with a personal trainer is there for the same reason.
    No one is worried about what other people in the studio are doing they are just focused on their own programs and at no point will you have to worry about your current level of fitness... plus that is why we are here. To help boost your fitness and your results.
  • "I Have Never Stuck At A Program"
    That is why people come to us.
    People come to us because they struggle to stick to workout plans and a diet.
    We are here to help and support you and ensure you stay on target.
    As a client of our studio you will get 24/7 support from one of our personal trainers and a 'Client Only' mobile number to get instant access to your personal trainer.
  • "How Much?"
    We offer 3 personal training packages of a 3, 6 and 12 month investment program.
    The prices of our personal training sessions are between 25-40 per session.
    There are cheaper personal trainers in Liverpool and if you want to price match or purchase on price then we are not the studio for you.
    Our programs are based on the results we get and the investment packages and our commitment to you ensures that you will no longer waste money of diet and exercise.