TRX Class in Liverpool: Gym Reb3lTRX HIIT Combines the Benefits of TRX Suspension Training to Tighten Your Core and Increase Muscle Tone While Raising Heart Rate and Maximizing the Levels of Calories Burnt During Each SessionTRX HIIT is a class based at Gym Reb3l that...

Yoga Class in Liverpool

Gym Reb3l: Reb3l Yoga Class in Liverpool Reb3l Yoga is a Yoga Class Like No Other in Liverpool. It Combines All the Traditional Elements of Yoga but to an Upbeat Music Selection of R ‘n’ B, Trance, Dance, Soul and Pop. Gym Reb3l is proud to present to you our Reb3l...


Kettlebell Class in Liverpool: Gym Reb3l If You Are Wanting to Lose Body Fat, Increase Strength, Flexibility and Reduce Those Excess Inches Around Your Waist, Then There is Nothing Better Than our Kettlebell Class in Liverpool at Gym Reb3l Kettlebells have long been...

Pads and Abs

Boxing Class in Liverpool: Gym Reb3l It Is No Secret That Boxing Is a High Intensity Workout but At Gym Reb3l We Make It Different and Up the Anti on Calories Burned and Abs FlattenedGym Rebel’s Boxing Class in Liverpool literally takes away the intimidation of a...

Reb3l F.I.T

Fitness Class in Liverpool: Reb3l FIT: Imagine joining a fitness class where in just 30 minutes you can burn between 500 – 1000 calories by using a combination of strength training, cardio and circuit training. Reb3l FIT is our signature class. A class designed for...

Gym Reb3l: Welcome to Gym Reb3l


Gym Reb3l is the new home of Liverpool Personal Training Studios.


In August 2017, we re-branded our personal training studio to Gym Reb3l and have built a purpose-built class studio where we now host; Yoga classes, Boxing Classes, TRX Classes and many more fitness class.

You can download our fitness class app by >>> Clicking Here <<< and get your first class for free.

Gym Reb3l offers a high energetic, fun, non-intimidating fitness studio that now offers;

  • 1-2-1 Personal Training
  • Semi Private Personal Training (Groups of 3-5)
  • Group Fitness Classes (Groups of 10-12 people)

Our new website is where you can access all our programs or you can read below for further information.

Liverpool Personal Trainer

Are You Ready to Work with The Best Liverpool Personal Trainer?

Ok, so maybe a bold statement but Liverpool Personal Training Studios was known for its high success rate with clients in helping them to lose weight, drop inches and boost their health and fitness.

At Gym Reb3l we have taken the same concept and when you work with a Gym Reb3l personal trainer you will get the same, high level service you received at Liverpool Personal Training Studio.

Gym Reb3l: The Best Personal Trainers in Liverpool?

When searching for the best personal trainers in Liverpool we know how hard it can be to find the right personal trainer for you.

At Gym Reb3l all our personal trainers offer a free weight loss strategy session, where you can sit down with your personal trainer and talk through exactly what you want to achieve and in what time frame.

At the weight loss strategy session, our personal trainers will then take you through a detailed plan on how you can make this happen and talk you through the workouts, diet and the lifestyle side of achieving these results.

The weight loss strategy session is FREE and is your chance to not only meet your personal trainer but to also come and see the Gym Reb3l set up and see why we are the best personal training and fitness class studio in Liverpool.

From your initial weight loss strategy session, you can take away the information you are given and try and go alone, or you will be taken through the personal training programs we run by your personal trainer and you can then choose which package works best for you.

Fitness Classes in Liverpool

Alongside our personal training and semi-private personal training programs we also offer fitness classes in our purpose-built fitness studio.

The studio is separate from our personal training area and holds between 10-12 people (depending on the class).

We offer a variety of fitness classes from;

Reb3l Yoga: This is one of our signature classes that mixes traditional yoga movement with an upbeat track of music.

The music we use is either, R ‘n’ B, Dance, Trance, Soul and pop. The music is written specifically for our Reb3l Yoga class and throughout the class you will be taken through a warm up, through certain movements patterns and then finishing with a guided meditation, with the music running throughout the class.

Reb3l FIT: This is another of our signature classes that combines; strength training, body weight training, cardiovascular fitness and abdominal work to give you the complete all over body workout.

This is an all level class and as with all our fitness classes in Liverpool, they are all taught by Gym Reb3l personal trainer to ensure you get the best experience and workout.

Pads and Abs: This is a 30-minute HIIT workout mixing boxing and abdominal work. A hugely popular class at Gym Reb3l as boxing is one of the highest burning calorie classes you can do.

The class format is a series of boxing moves on the bags or with the bags and then to finish we take you through an intense abdominal workout.

TRX HIIT: Suspension training is one of the greatest forms of exercise that helps to build up core strength and body weight strength.

This is a 30-minute class that utilises the TRX to give a full body workout.

Kettlebells: Kettlebells for many years were the unforgotten gym equipment. The kettlebells fitness classes we offer uses a combination of strength and endurance work to give you a full body workout.

At Gym Reb3l we are so confident in our fitness classes in Liverpool that we offer you the chance to trial your first class (any on the timetable) for free by simply downloading our app.

You can download this by >>> Clicking Here <<< or you can visit our new website and download the app direct from there.

At Gym Reb3l we have created a FUN, ENERGETIC, NON-INTIMIDATING atmosphere for you to train with our personal training programs or our fitness class in Liverpool.

By working with our personal trainers in either our 1-2-1 personal training programs, semi private personal training programs or any of our fitness class we offer you can be sure that you will have an amazing workout.

All our members are just like you. They want to lose weight, drop inches, boost fitness and get in to amazing shape so they feel confident and happy with their health and fitness levels.

That is why we offer such a variety of services to fit all our member’s needs, whether it is a fitness class or personal training you can be sure that you will get the best service and the best results at Gym Reb3l.

The Best Fitness Studio and Personal Trainers For Weight Loss in Liverpool

Most of the clients that come to Gym Reb3l come with the initial intention of wanting to lose weight.

And whether that is through our fitness classes, yoga class, personal training or semi-private personal training programs we offer a service that is not just about a class or program.

All our members have access to our personal trainers and we can structure a nutritional plan for you to follow to achieve your weight loss results.

At Gym Reb3l the reputation we have for helping clients to lose weight is what propels so many people to Gym Reb3l and it is then the continued support and guidance that keeps them on track to their results.

Our personal trainers also understand that weight loss is not just as simple as ‘Eat less, Move More’. There are so many other factors in weight loss that is essential that you tackle these.

Emotional eating, habits, consistency and lifestyle all play a part in weight loss and successfully losing weight.

That is why we have personal trainers running our classes so you can have access to any questions or support you may need to ensure you get the weight loss results you want.

Can you imagine going to a fitness class in Liverpool and getting your very own personal trainer to answer any questions you have in relation to weight loss?

Imagine the results you will get…

Imagine how this will make you feel…

Therefore, we offer a free class as it makes logical sense for you to come and trial our services for free so you can see why we are the best personal training, fitness studio and fitness classes in Liverpool.