With summer season around the corner some people may now be thinking about starting a new diet or workout program to help lose a few pounds and inches before their holiday, wedding etc… (If you are struggling and war to try personal training for 3 free sessions click here)

So today i have put together 10 simple tasks you can do today to maximise your weight loss.

1. Water: Water is essential to fat loss as it helps to speed up digestion, boost energy and sleep.

2. Stay off the ‘drugs’: Studies in rats have shown that certain chemicals in processed foods and drinks can affect the brain similar to drugs. This also affects energy levels and hormones which you need to regulate for fat loss.

Stick to clean, unprocessed natural foods from fruits, vegetables, organic meats and water 🙂

3. Plan your day: Planning is critical to success with any nutritional or workout program. If you have meetings, days out, food out or anything you feel may disrupt your eating plan have food/meal replacements in place. Plan a food diary of what you are having for each individual meal and ideally place each contents in tupperware boxes ready to be cooked.

It takes about 5-7 minutes to cook chicken and less for red meat and fish so no excuses in the veining saying you haven’t got time.

4. Stick to low GI foods: Foods high in sugar will affect your energy and hunger levels throughout the day. Stick with low GI foods that are generally higher in fibre for a slower release of energy throughout the day.

5. Lift heavy: Ladies especially… One thing i always find hard to get my head around is a guy can try for 2-3 years to put on any decent size and you chat to a women about lifting weights and they think they will ‘get bulky’ in a week!!! Lifting weights means your body needs more calories to feed the muscle…. meaning – You Burn More Fat Throughout The Day!

Cary your weights program and using either full body workouts, splits, super sets, giant sets and repetitions ranges between 8-15 reps will help you to build muscle, tone up and lose fat.

6. Get creative: How many times have you thought ‘eating healthy is boring’? Get creative with your foods and start to search and use recipes to help with your programs. Websites such as www.proteinpow.com have a huge database of recipes for you to use and follow as does sites like BBC food etc… just ensure the ingredients you want are there and no ‘little extras’.

7. High protein breakfasts: Studies have shown in the past that having a high protein breakfast can reduce your daily calorie intake by around 400 per day. So start the day with omelettes, scrambled eggs, steak and eggs, bacon medallions… lose the granola (high sugar) and other sugar cereals and breads and eat natural high protein based foods.

8. Never skip a meal: So we spoke about how planning is key… well never ever skip a meal! Skipping a meal will lower your blood sugar levels and ultimately have you reaching for highly processed high sugar carbohydrate based foods. If you plan and have back ups in place incase you can’t get food then this won’t happen so make it your goal every day to never skip a meal.

9. Add CLA to your supplements: A supplement derived from cows is an animal fat high in omega 6. Used as a dietary fat it helps to break down stubborn fats.

10. Sleep: Recover comes from correct nutrition and sufficient sleep. If you lack sleep or do not have a good nights sleep this can increase the stress hormone cortisol which in turn can cause fat storage.

Try reading for 30 minutes before bed and also adding ZMA supplement or Noxitropin to your night routine.

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