With the holiday season fast approaching for some women this can bring some stress and anxiety about getting ready for the ‘bikini season’

At Liverpool Personal Training Studio’s we have put together 7 tips to help you with your nutrition and exercise program in your build up to the holiday season.

Tip #1: Control Your Carbs: First of all i want to make this clear. Carbohydrates are not bad for you. They are an essential part of your food intake. If you lower them too low you can cause headaches, lack of energy, poor concentration and for most, they usually have a rebound effect meaning that when people re introduce carbohydrate sources they will overindulge.

What we recommend is having your carbohydrates around your workouts and have a portion about 90 minutes before and then some after your training.

Try and stick with Sweet Potato, Porridge, Wild Rice, Quinoa and Beans (not baked beans… 🙂

Tip #2: Get Your Mindset Right: Having a goal and a vision of what you want is the start of achieving this but you must get your mindset right. You must have a full understanding as to why this is important to you and why you must achieve this.

Understanding the feeling’s associated with a goal is essential to your success and understanding how you feel now and why you feel you must change.

The starting point is to list all the feelings about how you feel now. Why do you want to make changes and whats the emotions attached to this?

From there you would then move a step closer and write down how you will feel once you have achieved your goal:

How will it make things better?
How will it benefit you?
How will it benefit those around you?
How will you feel once you have achieved this?

And then ask yourself one final question.

How would it make you feel if you did not achieve this?

Emotions and feeling is what drives us to success and until you can fully understand and write down all your emotions and feeling associated with a situation you will never make the change.

Tip #3: Learn To Relax: When we are stressed our body releases cortisol and for some people this can result in fat storage.

Learning to relax, especially at night can help you with your goal.

When you are relaxed you are more focused and clear minded as to what you want.

Relaxing with a book or joining a yoga class, or our favourite recommendation, daily meditation can help you to reduce stress and stay on target.

Tip #4: Embrace Intervals: Interval training is a quick way to burn up excess calories and help with your bikini goal.

Depending on your fitness level complete your intervals at the end of each workout. Start at a level specific to you and then gradually increase the intensity and if applicable reduce the rest time.

As a recommendation for beginners we would have double rest time for the effort. Meaning if you were to row for 100m and it took you 30 seconds you would then get a minimum of 1 minute rest time.

Remember: This is only a recommendation and before taking any advice consult your Doctor or a health professional.

Tip #5: Drink More Water: Water is essential to your body. When you are dehydrated it slows down all the major organs in the body.

Ensure you are kept hydrated throughout the day and keep at least a 2 litre bottle of water at your desk or by your side so it is always at hand.

Low water intake is also essential for digestion and when you are dehydrated it can slow down this process. Ensure your water levels are kept to a sufficient level and as a recommendation we advise 1 litre of water per 50lbs of body weight.


Tip #6: Support Network: Your support network and the people around you can be critical to your success.

Having people who get annoyed when you say no to nights out or meals out can have a real detrimental affect on your results and also your relationships. This is one of the biggest causes for people to not achieve their goal.

Facebook is packed with groups you can join for free specific to your goals where you can ask questions and also see how other people are getting on.

You also have fitness classes and of course personal training where you can build up a support network of like minded people all wanting to achieve the same goal.

Having access to this not only helps to keep you motivated but you will also see the struggles that you go through are also being had by others too. So you can work together and stay on track together.

Tip #7: Take Action: The most important tip of them all…. Take Action.

So many people talk about wanting to achieve something but so little people actually take action. Be relentless in your approach to this and no matter how many times you mess up and make mistakes NEVER quit.

Every single day remind yourself why you are doing this and if there are times of the day when you want to cheat, when you want to skip workouts remind yourself how achieving this will make you feel and why its important to you.

The only person that can let you down is yourself, so each and every day be single minded and determined to achieve your goal and remember this…. make sure you do at least one thing every day that will move you a step closer to your goal.

If you makes mistakes and quit you will never achieve your goal… BUT if you make mistakes and move on and learn from them… then eventually you will.

I hope this articles helps and good luck with your health and fitness goals.