If you read the magazines and articles on weight loss you would think that its easy… people all around losing tons of weight but the emotional and distractions make it tough. You simply have to be in the right environment both mentally and physically or you face an uphill struggle.

Last year on my 21 Day Fat Flush Formula people were losing between 7-14lbs in just 21 days. This wasn’t a shake or pill based diet it was made up of real wholesome, nutritious foods. No only were people losing between 1/2 and 1 stone in 21 days they were also cleansing their body’s and eliminating toxins.

See weight loss is simple: In order for you to lose weight effectively and kep it off you HAVE TO eliminate toxins from the body. Any excess toxins from foods (processed, sugary, chemically enhanced) are stored in the liver for processing and any excess toxins that the liver can’t cope with are then dripped right in to your blood stream – which for your body is a big NO NO… so the body then starts to store these toxins in the Adipose Tissue – to me and you thats the stubborn fat cells.

You know the ones;

Lower Abs, Thighs, Chin, Man Boobs….

Ever noticed on other diets no matter how much weight you shift you can’t shift it from those bits above, especially the lower abs? Well the reason is the foods you are eating are still causing a toxic load in the body – its that simple.

SO what can be done?

YOU HAVE TO run a complete clean RAW detox program to eliminate these toxins. You liver becomes overloaded and if your liver is overloaded with toxins fat loss slows down.

This is why my 21 Day Fat Flush Formula are so successful and popular.

We are starting a new 21 Day Fat Flush Program on the 14th July at our studio on Smithdown Rd.

You will be training in small groups with our personal trainer Andy who will take you through 2 sessions a week for 3 weeks.

The program involves;

21 Day RAW Detox Program 2.0 (This is the updated version from May 2014)
Home Core and Ab Blast Workout (20 minutes max)
Detailed Food Plans
Official Fat Flush Manual
2 Sessions Per Week.

The sessions will be held;

Monday and Wednesday mornings 10am-1045am – PRICE £35


Monday and Wednesday evenings 6:15pm-7pm – PRICE £35


Or if you have friends/family or work colleagues who want to train together you can pay for your own group by clicking the link below. This is an group payment and you can book your sessions around what works best for you.

With the Private Group Packages it is also slightly cheaper at just £30 per session and is for a maximum of 6 people.


I am also going to be giving everyone who joins the program the complete 3 Phases of my nutritional plans for when the program has finished.

These are the 3 phases my personal trainers use and will continue to get you amazing results.

So… if you want to drop some weight and get healthy jump on the 21 Day Fat Flush Plan for just £35 🙂

Have a fantastic day.

P.S: Follow the program lose albs minimum – its that simple

P.P.S: Follow the program learn new recipe ideas and get healthy 🙂

P.P.P.S: Did i mention you will also lose about 2-3 inches off your stomach too?