I was having a chat with a friend last night and we got on to the subject of some of the conversations we had had with clients and gym myths that stopped them from doing certain programs of exercises. SO here is my top 5 that i have been told over the years.

1. Female: Weight make me bulky so i only do light weights:  Women have lower testosterone levels so your not going to pack on the beef in a short space of time. What men take 2-3 years to achieve some women believe they can do in 2 weeks – it isn’t happening… Also quick tip. Women have naturally more body fat than men so lifting weights is more beneficial as more muscle = more calories burned each day = fat loss PLUS as women get older their testosterone actually increases..  make the most of this and start hammering the weights 🙂

2. Male: I am trying to pack on muscle so don’t want to lose weight: This can be conflicting to trainers. My own personal belief with any client no matter what their goal is is to first lower their body fat so you can actually see what muscle and development they have. When you are carrying too much body fat you regulate carbohydrates you become insulin resistant… basically meaning your body cannot process carbs… The leaner you get the ore sensitive you get which means you can up your carb levels. Basically – drop the fat first as you are still going to be protecting and building muscle but do not worry about packing on beef just work on lowering body fat and seeing where you are.

3. I need an ABS program: You don’t… see above. You need to lower your body fat to see visible abs. Endless crunches and sit ups are not going to burn the fat around the abs… develop the abs yes… burn the fat – NO.

4. You don’t need to train your abs: Thats like saying you don’t need to train your shoulders because they work with so many muscle groups. If you want a proper 8 pack with plates and not skinny abs you need to train your abs. These should be built in to your program 2-3 times a week depending on your current plan. Yes your stomach works with certain exercises but you still need to focus and develop these.

5. I play football twice a week so don’t need to train my legs: Really? this honestly gets said and its up there with my dog ate my homework excuses. Don’t be a pussy… get in the squat rack and train your legs and watch the rest of your body grow with it too.

BONUS: Running makes you fat: This is a new age one promoted by half arsed personal trainers… Running doesn’t make you fat. Running like exercise burns calories. What does happen with running though is if you just run and don’t lift weights you will not really tone up.. just be a skinnier version of yourself – with body fat.

If you want to really tone up and get in shape running or intervals and weights should all be part of your program. I spoke about LSC the other day – incorporate this as your running section.