A lot of people share the same goals when it comes to health and fitness. In terms of setting targets to achieve, it is not uncommon to hear the average person say “I want to gain muscle” or “I want to lose fat” and rightly so! Both of those goals are certainly going to make individuals look much more aesthetically pleasing as well as gaining a more athletic look. However, the majority of people like to set their sights a little higher and combine those goals together in order to make drastic changes to their body composition. So the goal now becomes “I want to lose fat and gain muscle”! Typically, this is quite hard to accomplish but with the right types of training and correct nutritional practice it is certainly not impossible. Here are 5 general ways to help get you on your way…

Eat Frequently: It is important to keep your metabolism revved in order to continually burn calories throughout the day. Your body is like a furnace in which you keep burning so if you stop feeding your body, it will stop burning energy. I would recommend eating 5-6 small meals per day separated by 2-3 hours. Generally, you should look to consume protein, low GI carbohydrates, and unsaturated fats with every meal.

Cardio: Other than helping you become healthier, this will increase blood flow around your body which therefore increases nutrient delivery to your muscles. In turn, this will help your body to grow, repair, and recover as well as helping your body burn fuel more efficiently.

Resistance Training: Weight training 3-5 times per week would be a great opportunity to build some lean mass. Building more muscle leads to more calorie burning! So not only will weight training make you look more muscular, it will also increase the chances of burning some excess fat just by enabling calorie burning to become more efficient.

Train, Eat, Sleep: Physical activity in the gym provides the stimulus for your body and the correct nutrition creates the right platform for performance in order to meet the stimulus. But in fact, during sleep your body starts the process for progress. During this time you will be growing, repairing, and recharging! Make sure you get a minimum of 7-8 hours per night.

Less Stress: When you over stress, it can cause negative effects on your target goals. Stress causes a hormone called ‘cortisol’ to be overly released which will halt your fat loss and contribute to fat gain! Furthermore, it combats with the hormone ‘insulin’ and will make your body less insulin sensitive which has negative effects on muscle gain. Obviously you cannot control stress levels from issues that involve family or work but do not stress over your physique as this will completely halt your progress! My advice would be to stay consistent, enjoy what you do in terms of training and healthy eating, set short and long term goals, and always think ‘slow progress is still progress’

Kevin Poole – Liverpool Personal Trainer

BSc Sport Science 1st class, MSc Sport Physiology

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