As a personal trainer i am always asked; What is the best exercise for…. arms, abs. thighs, this bit!!

So here is what he believes is The Best Of The Best Exercises By Liverpool Personal Trainer Matt Ibbs

The truth is there is no direct exercise that will produce the best results BUT there are exercises which i believe are more influential for muscle development than others. These work whether its part of your fat loss plan or if you are wanting to pack some size on.

I am always asked about repetitions too and my experience and belief is the same too – whether your goal is to ‘get HUGE’ or lose weight the weights rules are the same…

Build Muscle = lift heavy
‘Preserve’ Muscle = lift heavy

*When i say preserve i mean to protect the muscle when you are on a calorie deficit diet.

This isn’t saying you should be lifting 3-5-8-12 reps throughout there does need to be certain transitions where your joints are given a rest from heavy weights but the ultimate goal of any fitness plan whether it is for fat loss or muscle gain is always the same – preserve and build muscle.

Women too- remember yesterday we spoke about weight loss programs and how building muscle = more calories burned each day, this is the same with this post too.

So below i have taken the main body parts and posted my top 3-5 for each body part of what i believe to be the most productive exercise.

Legs: Box Squats – Bulgarian Split Squats – Stiff Leg Deadlifts – Barbell Lunges
Back: Wide Pull Ups – Barbell Bent Over Row – Deadlifts
Chest: Incline Dumbell Press – Decline Dumbell Press – Dips
Shoulders: Clean and Press – Seated Dumbell Press
Biceps: Close Grip Pull Ups
Triceps: Narrow Dips
Abs: Weighted Cable Crunches – Wood Chopper – Dragon Flies

Remember these are my beliefs based on training my client base and they are the exercise i feel should form the base of your programs – whatever your goals are!

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