Early morning mail for you today. I am busy again interview for LiverpoolFitnessTv.com – slight delay in the launch but the interviews i have done so far are fantastic. Its strange seeing the mindsets of trainers and their approach to clients – you notice a pattern.

I did a talk yesterday and part of it was based around guidelines or recommended guidelines for vitamins and fruits/vegetables.

As you know we are getting sicker, un healthier, more obese and more stressed as a nation. All the figures are up and while we do try on some levels to correct this its just not happening. Diabetes related illnesses kills more people than cancer – can you believe that?

Diabetes is something we can control yet were not and as a results of this more and more stress is being placed on the NHS and more and more people are dying as a results of neglect.

I get a lot of stick as people believe as a personal trainer i should be against the NHS. The medication, waiting lists, potential to give free gastric bands…. I am not. I actually sympathise with them You see a lot of illnesses we get is a result of poor lifestyle choices. Im not getting in to a debate about tax and payments etc but the truth is A LOT of treatments we as a nation get are a result of poor lifestyle choices.

Processed, man made foods over FRESH, plus alcohol, recreational drugs….. endless list of things we do each day that potentially is detrimental to our health.

However there are a few mis guidelines which i think people should know.

1) Vitamins are tested on mice, not humans. The daily guidelines for vitamins are also based on affordability not what is needed. And finally supplement companies DO offer cheaper or less effective ingredients in some of their supplements. Take ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium based supplement) Magnesium comes in many forms but the ones they predominately use is Citrate – which is a cheap version and mainly used as a laxative based product.

2) 5 a day… more like 9-12 or 12-15 (depending on what you read). Again your 5 a day is based affordability of the average household not what is actually needed. We now eat less fresh foods than we did 30 years ago (maybe a link to more illnesses!)

Another problem is i spoke about a while ago is foods are manufactured at such a high rate the actual nutrient value of them is low. Coupled with some foods we then cook destroys even more nutrients (eat 55-60% of your fruit and veg raw please) so by the time we eat them on average it only has around 20-30% of the nutrient value.

I have mentioned this before, do you think when supermarkets are searching for the best looking (yep they base food on how it looks to the eye) and also the quickest way to produce these foods they couldn’t give a **** about your health? Its what can be made quickly and what looks the best as this encourages us to buy the produce.

Or when companies are coming up with meals or foods they care about the nutrient value? Of course not… their goal is to get us to like (more like addicted) to the foods and the experience of eating the foods. In the P.P.S i have a quick story i was told about this.

Should you buy organic, of course but again organic means only 20% of chemicals are used so you still have to account for that but they are more nutritious and carry more nutrients. Especially meat because it isn’t pumped with hormones, chemicals, reared under stress.

I know organic is expensive, but i also know bottles of wine cost the same, costa coffee is about £3 – £4…. alcohol costs on average £4-£6 a pint…

People say you only live once and all the other junk expressions but the truth is this is your body and what you choose to put it in to your body means the problems you may get later in life (obviously not all illnesses) are a direct result of those choices – so who is to blame then?

The NHS for not having the drugs, beds or service available to cope with the demand or us as individuals for the poor choices we made? So who is to blame… do we blame the NHS or us?

Have a fantastic day.


P.S: HUUUGEEEEE well done to Miss X (I can’t name her because she has asked me not to) for lose – WAIT FOR IT – 29lbs in 8 weeks on my online training program BUT that took up one sentence on her email. The paragraphs that followed…. She can now wear her wedding ring which she hasn’t been able to for 9 years… See results are not always about weight – its about how it makes you feel.


P.P.S: Kit Kat as we know originally only came in a 4 finger packet and a while ago they changed to the kit kat chunky bar. When they changed their sales went down. From being the number 1 chocolate bar they went down to 4th or 5th. And guess what part of the reason consumers gave for turning off?

The experience… the experience of how some people opened the wrapper with their nail or how some people used to rub the wrapper so the kit lat logo came through… Its hard to believe right? but as Cadburys Egg say ‘How Do You Eat Yours?’… it is not only the chemical taste we get addicted to but also the experience of eating that product. (A client of mine Brian told me that story and i thought it was fascinating)