For those weight watchers everywhere boosting your metabolism is considered the essential ingredient. Although men tend to burn calories more than woman it can be inherited, but it can also be accountable for several things. What i hope to achieve in this article is to give you a basic knowledge of what you can do to help speed that important factor of weight loss, your metabolism.

The most important of these factors is to avoid crash diets, these consist of reducing your calories intake per day. This reduction is considered bad to help quicken your metabolism. Ok you can drop pounds quick but at what expense, loss of good nutrition.then you have to look at what this will do to your body, reducing calories will cause your body to seek nutrients else where, in particular protein, so then you have muscle loss as your body will feed on that. Which in turn slows your metabolism, burning fewer calories and gaining weight faster a backfire really.

Drinking Green Tea or Oolong Tea gives the combination of caffeine and catechins, which are shown to boost your metabolism for a good couple of hours. Some research has shown drinking 2 to 4 cups could push to burn 17% more calories during intense exercise for a short time, So bring on the HIIT with your trainer.

Spicey foods to some are a big no due to not having a asbestos pallet, but spicy food has a natural chemical that would put your metabolism into a higher gear. Granted the increase in metabolic rate is temporary if you ate spicy food often this could add up to benefit through the day. So why not spice up your meals and kick you metabolism into gear.

Protein whilst digesting burns more calories compared to when it digests carbs or fats, so when you here your trainer or gym partner eat more protein-rich foods and replacing some of your carbs this is one of the reasons why.

If your on the go then Snack Smart small meals or snacks every 3-4 hours will keep your metabolism in high gear and burn more calories over the course of the day. Yes if you eat more often it will help you loose weight, but make sure its clean foods not your snacks from burger king.

We all know your body needs water to keep hydrated but Fuel Up With Water to help the process of burning calories, even if your mildly dehydrated could have an effect on how fast your metabolism burns those calories.

What does this all add up too, it adds up to Building Muscle! People want to train to lose fat but to lose fat is to build muscle. It helps to incorporate strength training into your weekly routine. Look at it this way, for every lb of muscle burns 6 calories a day to sustain the muscle. Where as 2 calories to a lb of fat is burnt, you add up the small difference it becomes a bigger number daily.