Join Liverpool’s Transformation Boot Camps held at different locations across Merseyside.

In just 30 days at Liverpool Transformation Boot Camps we guarantee you AT LEAST 1 stone in weight loss and 2 inches from your stomach MINIMUM!

Training with your personal trainer 3 times per week and in a group fitness class of no more than 30 people the transformation camps run for 10 weeks.

You get;

Full Nutritional Plans
3x Workouts Per Week
Lifestyle Management Sheets

How does it work:

The first 10 days of the plan is designed over our exclusive ‘Tighter Tummy In 10’ section. This plan is fully devised to focus on your abs and reduce inches from your waist. You will aim to lose a minimum of 1 inch from your abs in just 10 days!


Soooooo…. If you are looking for an outdoor fitness plan that not only GUARANTEE’S you results and will get you in to unbelievable shape in just 10 weeks then click the links below and find the nearest Transformation Boot Camp to you.

You can register for just £119 (Usually £149) today and secure your place.

If you are serious about getting in to shape for the summer and wanting to get fitter healthier and strong plus lose weight and tone up then Liverpool Transformation Camps are exactly what you need.


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