I get asked time and time again 3 questions:

1. Can you write me a diet
2. Can you write me a program
3. How much do you charge per hour (hate that one!)

Ill always offer advice which is why i love my newsletter and giving people help via email too – even if its a delay 🙂

So yesterday i got an email from Ian asking can i help with his program has he wants to lose fat (he actually said lose fat and not weight which is fantastic!) before his holiday. He goals was simple – to build muscle and drop fat.

So i had a few hours off yesterday and actually wrote him a complete program and sent over a free diet as well as the progression on from that diet – now i don’t usually do all that. Its like asking a solicitor to do work for you for free. Questions ill answer – full free programs – no sorry.

However, as Liverpool didn’t win the league and i am happy i felt in a good mood 🙂

Here was the program i sent across to Ian. Bare in mind please i only had limited knowledge so the exercise and program is based on the emails we had sent back and forth. Usually clients are strength tested and assessed before their programs are set.

Monday: Morning – Fasted run 30mins – Evening: Chest Back and Abs
Tuesday:  Legs
Wednesday: Morning – Intervals 6-8 sprints 30 work 20 rest – Evening: Shoulders & Arms
Thursday: REST
Friday: Repeat program from Monday.

Pretty simple right?

With the program you will work on supersets or giant sets so if 2-3 exercises are listed together you would move from one to the other followed by 45 seconds rest.

Sets 4
Repetitions 8-12

Chest & Back & Abs
Inc. Dumbell Fyes
Inc. Dumbell Press
Barbell Bent Over Row (Wide)

Flat Dumbell Flyes
Pull Overs
Close Grip Pull Ups

Wood Chopper
Cable Crunches

Box Squats

Walking Lunges
Step Ups
Stiff Leg Deadlift

TABATA: 20 work 10 rest 8 sets – TRX Squat Jumps

Shoulders & Arms
Lateral Raises
Upright Row
Seated DB Press

Clean & Press

E-Z Preacher Curl
Reverse Barbell Curl
Overhead Triceps Extensions