How did you find the free food plan i gave you? 🙂

I remember ages ago on a Tony Robbins program he said;

Only 5% of people take action on what they learn

Pretty low right?

I am guilty of that.

When i first started my business i was a course junky…

Attending course after course

Hammering the notes

Joining the groups and conversations

But getting little return on my investment (Time and Money)….

It wasn’t until i started to take action on what i learned that things started happening.

That is when i saw results in my business and in myself.

For those of you that want to lose weight yesterday i gave you all the information you need for free.

Now how many of you that want to lose weight looked at it and how many have started it?

Here is a promise…

Do my diet for the 8 days and i promise you will lose more weight from that than with any personal trainer in Liverpool (apart from my studio) and any weight loss class.

Do it for the full 32 days and again, the results you get just from that will out do anything you pay for.

When i won UK Personal Trainer if the Year at the International Fitness Showcase Awards waaayyyy back in 2008 one of the main points of feedback i got was because;

My clients got results fast but also kept it off long term.

See i know how to teach people to eat correctly

I know how to get people to integrate specific eating plans around their lifestyle

I am not stupid enough to think you guys won’t drink at the weekend

You won’t have a binge of food every now and then

You won’t get cravings

I get all that

And i work with that as do all my trainers

Hence why we are the largest private personal training facility in Liverpool

We have the most personal trainers ‘Under 2 roofs’ <<< love that advert. Its a magical place all under. haha

I walked in to my studio at the matchworks this morning at 630 and 6 trainers were in with clients.

I have just come to Smithdown (9am) and the trainers are in here with their clients.

A big ‘objection’ i get with my personal training is price.

People asking for a deal

People only ‘expecting’ to pay X based on what other cheap ass trainers charge…

There are 100’s of personal trainers in Liverpool

100’s of personal trainers who will do deals

100’s of personal trainers who even use my diets and sheets 🙂 (they don’t get how they work though)…

Our prices are not based ‘On the average price of PT in Liverpool’

Its actually never been thought about like that

Its based on the service and results you get.

You think how much money you have wasted on gyms, personal trainers, classes, products and i can promise you my personal training programs will actually save you money.

In the sense of that we will be ‘cheaper’ (There are cheap personal trainers in Liverpool)

I have no problem recommending other personal trainers in Liverpool who are cheaper

Not because ‘you pay for what you get’ but because i know what we as a company do for people

Thats why personal training isn’t for everyone

And that is why every single day i give you free advice on how to lose weight

Because i know i email you more than your; gym, personal trainer, class instructor

I have even had emails from local trainers asking me to remove their clients…

I know i give you much more advice

Actually i bet some of you who have a personal trainer have never been measured, assessed or even got a diet…

And i gave you one for free 🙂

If you really want to do something you will you just need to take ACTION and stop hunting for the right answer and wasting cash…

Have a Fantastic Day.


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P.P.S: If you didn’t get the diet claim your free sessions and ill mail it to you.