I have mentioned this time and time again the saying ‘If You Don’t Control Your Life Someone Else Will For You’

And this stems in to everything; relationships, friendships, work……. and also food.

Our daily guidelines of fruit and vegetables are calculated on affordability and tested on mice… not based on whats needed.

Our 5 day day now stems to baked beans (you know the stuff that bloated you, gives you wind and is stuffed with sugar) and if you live in America PIZZA 🙂

Yep Pizza is now classed as your 5 day because the amount of tomato sauce on the base.

Yet figures out today showed Obesity and Diabetes (2 things we can personally control and reduce) is costing the NHS billions.

I know ‘back in the day’ a lot of illnesses were not detectable and a lot of people would have died from illnesses with Dr. back then not knowing the actual cause but that doesn’t HIDE the fact that we now way on average 1 stone heavier than we did 40 years ago.

MORE people are obese and suffering from obesity related illnesses.

I know how hard it is for people to lose weight, i have worked with 1000’s of people through my company helping them to lose weight and change their lifestyle so i fully understand the struggles people will go through but one thing i have found is some people may look for excuses or are not quite prepared to get healthy.

You see if you focus on getting healthy you won’t be over weight. It is near on impossible to be healthy and be over weight.

The excuse of ‘oh you have to enjoy yourself’ is true. I 100% agree… but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all the time. I love chocolate – doesn’t mean i have it every day… you may love wine, doesn’t mean you should have it everyday.

Lean red meat
White Fish
Bacon (Yep but not the crap from Tesco’s in sugar)
Sweet Potato
Wild Rice
New Potatos
Make sure for each meal you have 3-4 servings of green vegetables, 1-2 pieces of protein and a handful of the carb based foods – now honestly….. what out of that will put weight on you?

Drink your daily water intake and add 2-3 pieces of fruit a day…. run this for 5-6 days a week and then one of the evenings have a cheat meal and a few glasses of wine or alcohol.

Is that really a chore?

I love my job. And the reason i love my job is that i get to work with people who are ready to makes changes. I love walking in to my studios seeing all the trainers busy with people ready to make the changes necessary. I love people who have invested in my online training, ebooks or who email me asking questions…

You have to take responsibility.

Its not easy – if it was everyone would be lean

It can be mentally draining – we are drug addicts to certain foods – hence the headaches and sometimes low energy when you start.

Your friends/family will distract you – this is guaranteed… remember if you don’t drink your boring 🙂 or in some cases take drugs, chew your bottom lip off and end up with your head over the toilet or carrying your shoes in your hand after a night out – thats boring to some people if you don’t end up like that 🙂

Don’t fool victim to the messages sent out by big corporations that ‘diet’ food or drinks are good for you…. maltesers are light so healthy…. think about what really works, farmers markets or grow your fruit and veg.

Do you really believe big food corporations are interested in YOU and YOUR HEALTH?

Have a fantastic day.