Have you ever looked at people ‘in shape’ and thought – I WANT THAT! And i don’t mean in shape as in arms chest and a flat stomach i mean IN SHAPE… LEAN… DEFINED…. MUSCLE….

Dion Before and After

Take Dion above.. owner of Hooka Hair Salon in Liverpool and came to train with me with that exact goal in mind…

If this is you i have a fantastic opportunity for you starting in 10 days but i am going to need 3 things from you.

1) You take a before and after photo like Dion’s.
2) You follow the nutritional and workout plan 100%
3) You report weekly with updates

3 simple commitments you need to give to me in exchange for me giving you all the tools and ammo necessary to DROP FAT and get IN SHAPE.

The plan is an intense 8 week transformation program designed just for men. You will be following a specific weights and nutritional plan with the nutritional plan tailored to your current body composition and is monitored weekly.

Guys listen… this is a serious program for those DEMANDING results… Its a detailed plan i have put together for people like you to follow who are sick and tired of fads and promise and wants a proven personal trainer, with a proven track record for getting clients serious results!

This isn’t a cut and paste program from the web this is the exact formulas and plans i use for my clients to get them in to the shape like Dion above.

You get:

Detailed Progressive Workouts (intense, tough but worth it)
Personalised Nutritional Plans (prep your food  for success)
Supplement List (you won’t need many but a few are key and ill put you in touch with a local company who i trust)
Email Support (my private personal email account)

I now have the opportunity for up to 50 people to join this program FOR FREE!!! —- BUT…. i need your commitment… and your going to secure your commitment by investing £50 in to this program and follow it 100%, submit me your before and after photo in 8 weeks and ill give you a full refund!

Easy right???? You train – you eat right and you get amazing results and its FREE…

Worried about the £50 fee because you don’t think you will be able to show that type of commitment to yourself? This isn’t for you.


The plan starts: 2nd June 2014.

You will need access to FREE WEIGHTS to complete in this program.