This is a huge debate and one which riles a lot of controversy. And a touchy subject that a lot of trainers won’t go near.

Here Is My Take; The Debate on Fat or Curvy

However, this is my take and my view on the subject but before i start i want you to understand two things.

1) This isn’t a debate on whats ‘acceptable’ or the view of what is attractive and whats not.

2) Whatever weight you are or body type its about being happy in yourself and that is all that matters.

Where i do feel though is the confusion of what is a ‘curvy’ shape and what is an overweight shape

When I think of curvy, I think J-Lo and Kim Kardashian.

Its all about body shape- are you an hourglass or an apple?

After my initial thought I decided to take a deeper look into it.

There are two types of fat; subcutaneous fat, and visceral fat.

Subcutaneous fat is the healthier fat; it is just below the surface of the skin and provides insulation for your body cavity. It is derived from healthy fats, like olive oil and avocado.

Visceral fat is the “bad” fat because it wraps around internal organs, putting stress on their functions.

You can tell the difference between them. If someone has visceral fat, the body won’t have an hourglass shape to it; it will be shaped more like an apple.

Subcutaneous fat, though, since it’s just below the surface, follows the body’s natural contours, and you will see a distinct shape. This is where the body shape comes into it.

People are hiding behind the ‘curvy’ shape because society debates you should be curvy or slim but in reality they just keep a little push in the right direction to find their true and natural body shape.

Through proper exercise and nutrition you can still develop the ‘curvy’s shape. And if you do not naturally have a shape like that then there are simple tricks and exercises you can follow to over develop certain body parts to allow for your body to have more shape.

So whichever body shape you are remember two things.

1) You have to be happy in yourself and your body

2) If you are not do something about it and take the hardest step, which is the first step and give me a call to book in for a 3 free personal training sessions on my VIP personal training program.

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Have a great day.