Just before Christmas the Guardian published an article saying

You Can’t Detox Its A Myth <<< Click for the article

And that prompted my email inbox to get flooded by people saying;

You Give Away A Detox And Its Not True….

A huge problem with society today is people read one thing believe it…. read something else that goes against their new belief and then believe that… Just look at Facebook… (Yes i just said society is getting dumb).

If you are eating for a period of time a diet that is poor in nutrients, slows down digestion, causes IBS and (other digestive issues) and predominantly ‘man made’ then you are putting your body under stress.

Yes your liver and kidney’s can ‘self clean’ and cope with a lot but certain foods do put your body in a stress state and make it a toxic environment.

On the flip side of that if you are eating 80%+ of ‘clean’ foods each week then you are already following a diet that will not do the above so effectively running a ‘detox’ or ‘cleanse’ or whatever you want to call it diet anyway.

The article also goes on to dismiss ‘super foods’ as a myth and that there is no such thing and it also talks about supplements.

Milk Thistle is promoted as a ‘liver cleanse’ and should be an essential part of your supplement regime. There are several studies on this that support the claim

Here is one 🙂 >>> http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20564545

If your body is under stress then losing weight is tough. It can actually cause you to gain weight so having articles that encourages people to ‘detox’ and actually make positive changes to diets can only be a good thing. And not to then have a national paper discredit following a healthy plan, is not right.

Add a few ‘professors’ and a ‘dietician’ to the mix and you have yourself a ‘bullet-proof’ argument.

The professor is talking about fasting when he mentions medical ‘detox; that is only for a few days max.

When i promote detox i promote;

Eating clean foods to boost energy, metabolism and ‘feel good’ <<< Thats It

Toxins are everywhere

Its impossible to rid your body of toxins

But what its not impossible to do is to switch from an unhealthy state to a healthy state from a balanced diet so articles like the one above does nothing in helping people to change their mindset and only continues the belief that ‘everything in moderation’ is acceptable….

I would love to have seen an article on what ‘everything in moderation’ actually means.

Does it mean everything in moderation is whats causing the UK to have the biggest obesity epidemic we have ever had?

Does it mean that spending DOUBLE on obesity related illness compared to cancer is ok?

What does it mean?

Articles should encourage and not discourage making positive changes and using the slant of ‘Detoxes Don’t Work’ is not helping the case.

People know you cannot fully detox your body. It would never happen.

But what people don’t know is what ‘moderation’ actually means and you only have to look at the stats published by the NICE Guidelines to see that…