Can you believe that? That is what a client said to me a while ago and its always stuck in my mind – FAT-DELUDED.

I got a call from a client who wanted more information on personal training so as always i asked him what he wanted and expected form it and how he thought this would benefit him… The conversation must have been going on for around about 20 minutes when it took a complete twist.

‘You see that is the problem with my wife, she tries all these diets and they don’t work and i tell her but she just doesn’t listen. She is just fat and deluded’

FAT-DELUDED … Can you believe that!

I couldn’t believe someone would A) Talk about their wife like that and B) Feel it is there job to get their partner a trainer when the partner knows nothing about it.

The whole conversation had been about his wife. I thought we were talking about the benefits for him and why losing the weight and getting healthy was so important for him, even the question; How would tho benefit you? Should have given him a clue.

This to me is where a lot of the problems are. People are so quick to either dictate your life, put you down, feel like you owe them or slam anything you say you want to achieve.

No wonder so many people struggle with weight. I asked him to put his wife on the phone and refused to speak with him and she didn’t want personal training. We had a chat though and she was telling me how she binges because every time she ate something he told her it was wrong. Everytime she wanted a treat she felt she couldn’t because her told her it would make her fat and no wonder she was fat if she ‘ate that sh1’t’

How can you even attempt to lose weight or start any project with people around you like that.

Think about today. So now is 12:05 on Tuesday… how many negative comments have you heard today either directed at you or in relation to work/family etc…

No wonder people get so down…. And this is why you have to have belief in yourself. Truthfully very few people are going to believe in you form the start. Some people actually want you to fail – and these are your friends!!!!

Now matter what you choose to do in order for you to succeed and shut these muppets up you have to have a strong WHY.

I have spoke about this before but if you can make the reason why this is so important to you and WHY it is crucial for you to succeed your WHY will eliminate all the negative comets because no matter what people say you will always have your WHY as to WHY their comments will not affect you and WHY it you will succeed and WHY it is so important for you to succeed.

I have come to learn that there are actually very few people who you can tell things to in terms of what you want to do. 2 sayings that sticks out on so many levels are:

‘You Only Fail When You Quit’

When You Know Your Worth No One Can Make You Feel Useless’

Have a fantastic Day.


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