Morning 🙂

Yesterday’s email touched a lot of nerves and the response was unbelievable. Over 90 people emailed me saying the felt they exact same way as the girl from the seminar.

They completely understand what she meant about shopping for what fits and not what she wants… and all the other emotions associated with this and i loved the fact that not one email mentioned weight loss.

You see here is the thing.

It’s Your Body.

Your Body And Acceptance of Where You Are Determines How You Feel

What Your Body Allows or Doesn’t Allow You To Do Will Affect Your Mindset

Everything works in a process and its the fear we associate with how we feel that will drive us on.

Your THOUGHTS trigger EMOTIONS, EMOTIONS trigger ACTION and ACTION triggers


Think about it…

I know so many people who are really really angry when it comes to their body. They hate the fact of how their body makes them feel and any mention of exercise or diet etc triggers an angry response.

Not angry because they are happy within themselves but because they are more angry with themselves because they keep failing.

They are fed up and frustrated at constantly starting a new diet or exercise program and failing and end up with the mindset of ‘I was built this way’ or ‘I will never look like that’.

This works to for people we would consider ‘In Shape’

A lot of the top fitness models and athlete models have some emotions attached to how they look. It is common knowledge that Body Builders suffer with Body Dysmorphia – the feeling of thinking they are too small.

I have a client i train who is in incredible shape. Everyone comments, both male and females as to the shape she is in, even clients who i haven’t trained for a long time when i see or hear from them mention her.

Yet every single week a little trigger in her head tells her certain parts of her body are fat and she then punishes herself with her eating habits. Not being able to relax and having to monitor everything for a sustained period of time until she has happy again…. Then another part of the body crops up and so the process starts again.

Do you know the biggest factor that will get you the results you want?

The one thing you must fully understand to gain in anything in life.


The Fear of Failure

The Fear of Going Back To How You Used To Feel If You Put Weight Back On

The Fear of Feeling Uncomfortable Again

The Fear of Losing Relationships or Letting Relationships Suffer Because You Do Not Feel Good Enough

If you are unhappy in how you feel now you can do something about it but have you have to first understand how you feel NOW…

Not how you will feel in 6 months time but how you FEEL now.

Understand how your feeling now and how that is affecting you and your relationships and that is your motivation and drive to succeed in anything.

Fear is what drives us and keeps us successful and the feeling of success and achievement is what ‘tops up the tank’ to keep us going.

If your not happy please list all of how you are feeling and pin them up on the wall, list them on your phone and have it as a screen saver and use that as the motivation to keep you going.

Have a fantastic day.


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