Fitness Class in Liverpool: Reb3l FIT:

Imagine joining a fitness class where in just 30 minutes you can burn between 500 – 1000 calories by using a combination of strength training, cardio and circuit training.

Reb3l FIT is our signature class.

A class designed for those who love to mix boxing, weights, suspension training and body weight work to give them a complete fitness results package.

It is why Reb3l FIT has quickly become the best fitness class in Liverpool and why so many women, just like you are cuing at the door to join the class.

What makes our fitness class so unique and different to any other fitness class in Liverpool?

Although a group fitness class, we only allow a maximum of 12 people in the class. As personal trainers, we make the experience as close to personal training as possible so while you will be working the workouts can still be tailored to the individual.

No other fitness class in Liverpool does this and it is why Reb3l FIT has become the number 1 fitness class in Liverpool for women who are desperate to lose weight, get in to fantastic shape and feel amazing.

And by joining our Gym Reb3l community you are surrounded by people just like you who want to enjoy their fitness, get results but also have a social life outside the gym.

And to prove to you that Reb3l FIT is the best fitness class in Liverpool we are giving you the chance to have your first session completely free.

All you have to do is click the button below, download our studio timetable app and follow the instructions.

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The Best Fitness Class in Liverpool: Reb3l FIT

We make this the best fitness class in Liverpool by treating each member as an individual. This means that while they are group workouts we can make any changes to allow for injury so you can continue to enjoy and progress with your workout.

It makes no difference what your current levels of fitness are or your gym experience. Everything is planned and progressed so you work at a level that best suits you.

Our fitness classes are continually changed and varied to help you progress to challenge you and ensure you get the best results.

The classes are run by personal trainers who keep the workouts fresh and exciting so the days of boring, mundane fitness classes are over J

At Gym Reb3l we believe in making fitness FUN but Challenging and to give you the best experience of working out.

It is why we love for our Reb3l Members to share their experience and bring friends and family to classes.

If they want to take advantage and get a free fitness class in Liverpool all they have to do is download the app and follow the instructions.


So, when you are ready to come along to Reb3l FIT and see why people believe this is the best workout class in Liverpool just download our fitness class APP and book your first fitness class for free.


Reb3l FIT: Is This Different to Other Fitness Classes in Liverpool?

YES! There is only 1 Reb3l Fit class in Liverpool and it is exclusive to Gym Reb3l. It is our own signature class and follows our theme of making our classes FUN and ENJOYABLE for our Reb3l members.

Am I Fitness Enough for Reb3l FIT?

Whether you can do 1 press up or 100, 1 squat or 1 million… it really doesn’t make any difference. Reb3l FIT, as is all the classes we run are instructed by the best personal trainers in Liverpool.

That means we can program our classes to allow for all levels of ability and everyone who comes to one of our classes works to their current fitness levels.

While we vary our classes, and keep them fresh and exciting we also make them sustainable. And by sustainable we mean that they are sustainable for members and not just a fad fitness class.

We have your long-term fitness results in mind when we program our classes and that is why at Gym Reb3l we are building a community as we don’t want you to train for a few months and then take time off. We want to show you that exercise, weight loss and socializing can work together and our Reb3l community shows this.

What Should I Bring to Reb3l FIT?

Just bring a towel (it makes you feel good when you wipe away the sweat), around 1 litre of water and if you want to bring any friends or family to the class you are more than welcome too.

How Do I Book Reb3l FIT?

You must book through our APP that you can download by >>> clicking here <<<

If you are having trouble booking via our app you can call our studio direct on 07710 448 273.

If you just turn up for Reb3l FIT we cannot guarantee you a place on the class so please book via the APP.