Emulsifiers and gum extract are food additives that food companies add to their products for a number of reasons. Though many sources claim that on a whole these additives don’t have many harmful side effects as long as they are consumed in the right amounts, but the fact that they are being added to our food alone is upsetting the nutritional density of the products we put into our bodies, and could cause changes in people’s hormone and body fat levels.

Emulsifiers are used to thicken, stabilise and prolong the shelf life of foods, you will know them as some of the E numbers found on the back of food labels. most of the products found on the shelves of our local supermarket have been processed and tampered with, they will contain these additives and when they are consumed could affect our health.
Take mono and diglycerides for example these two compounds are emulsifiers used to prolong the shelf life of certain foods, they are fatty acids similar to trans fats which are unnatural and have no uses in the body, they can cause unnecessary fat gain, problems with circulation and negatively effect cholesterol.
Gum extract: 
Gum extract such as guar gum are used in foods as a thickener, this allows the food company’s to save money and also make their products look more appealing for purchase. When it is consumed in small doses it is said to be harmless, but if taken in higher doses it has been linked with colon cancer, IBS and other digestive related issues.
As mentioned earlier these additives are generally safe unless they are consumed in excessive quantities and can be found in foods/products such as:
Ice cream
Processed meats
People should be aware of what they are putting into there bodies, and food labels and adverts can be confusing and misleading. The safest option is to stay away from any processed food and stick to natural unrefined products