If like many other people you struggle to keep a sustainable weight loss program together there are 2 essential protocols you have to have in place that will dramatically increase your chances of success.

So many of us will start a plan and studies show the average fitness plan lasts just 6 weeks. Pretty poor right?

So what can you do to ensure you are successful on your weight loss plan and why do some people succeed and others don’t? People will tell you will power but for me and our clients there are 2 critical factors which separates the success from the failure.

1. Start With The End In Mind

You ever heard the expression ‘Know Your Outcome’?

When i set up this business one of my first mentors said to me ‘What is your outcome?’. So i responded with the usual ‘to help people to lose weight get fitter and improve the health’…. or something along those lines (don’t worry that has improved now!).

No, he said. ‘What is your outcome? What is the business going to look like when its finished or when you sell it?’

That sentence there changed my whole philosophy as to what i wanted from my business. Its what makes going to work on crappy days where i really can’t be bothered worth while. I know my outcome!

The same should be for your health and fitness plan. What is your outcome? We start a program to try and get to the ideal version of ourselves. We know what we want to look like, we have an imagination image of what going to the gym, classes, eating specific foods… all of those factors we know if we do that we will have an image in our head of what we really want to physically look like and emotionally feel.

You need to be specific with what you want from your program.

How will you look?
How will you feel emotionally?
How will others look at you?
What dress size or body fat will you be?

2. What Is Your Why?

Your WHY is also hugely important to your success in anything. If you haven’t got a reason which is so powerful and emotionally bonding there will not be enough drive to succeed. Excuses can be made and tasks will either be not completed fully or not at all.

Have a full understand as to why you want to do something will stop you from reaching to ‘sugary snacks’, make you want to get up at 5am to go to the gym without finding an excuse, get you to the park on those cold wintery, rainy nights for boot camp…

Ask yourself:

Why are you doing this?
Why is it important to you?
What would happen if you didn’t achieve this?
If you didn’t achieve this how would it make you feel?

Instal an ideal version of yourself and have a full understand of WHY you are doing something and what it means to both you and your family around you giving reasons as to why it is so important for you to achieve.

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