Knowing your end results is essential i believe to success in any part of your life. Whenever you set a business, personal, family…lifestyle ANY goal you need to know what your end results will be.

Obviously as you progress some goals will enhance but i want to give you 3 examples you can start using today to help boost your own training.

Cardio: Lets say your goal is to run for 60 minutes. This may sound like a lot initially but here is what you to do speed up the process. Rather than start the goal saying ‘I will go out for 10 minutes and then build up’ you actually go out for the full 60 minutes.

The reason you go out for the full 60 is because part of goal setting is to also imagine and ‘feel’ what it is like to have achieved that initial goal so getting out there for the full 60 you will put yourself in a habit of; Understanding what its like to be out for the long exercising.

At the start your not going to run for the full 60 but even running and walking is a start.

Weights: The hero of Body Building Arnie used to say he struggled with his back and his calves. They were the two body parts he said he really had to work on. He would have trained over many phases but one thing he did was to say today i am going to like 5000kg on my legs or he would say i am going to do 100 pull ups.

He would lift more but lefts say for example he only squatted 200kg. By doing 5 repetitions in his first set the total lift would have been 1000kg. He would then do 4 more sets or 5 if needed to get the goal weight load to 5000kg.

And to improve the following week he would then aim to have a higher total load lifted so he may be doing the same weight but he would try and lift an extra rep or two to go over the 5000kg. You can also use this process to monitor your lifts and add up the total weight load for each individual exercise as well as the workout and use this to improve the following session(s).

He would then do the same with pull ups and literally stay at the machine until he had completed his total target.


Visual: Now this may not work for some people but i personally find it very useful When i start a new business project or have an idea for one i take time each day to ‘imagine’ what it would it is going to feel like to have achieved that. I actually try and put myself in the place of that being achieved and imagine the feelings of the benefits.

You can do the same for weight loss or your training. Imagine you had a target to lose 5 stone. Spend time each day imagining you have lost that 5 stone.

Take yourself away and imagine you are looking at the new you.

How does the new you look?
How do the new you walk/run/move?
How does the new you stand? Stand proud or hunched and within themselves?

Imagine all the benefits to the ‘new you’ and the feelings around and i promise it helps to keep you focused once you have a clear defined goal of KNOWING YOUR END RESULT(S)

Have a fantastic day.


P.S: If you are on any of my online programs please accept my apologies. I am moving my sites across to a different server so they may be down for a couple of day… I am really sorry. The sites i was using were meant to ‘self update’ but haven’t been so moving to new solutions.