When people try and lose weight they focus on the number.

Their main focus is, ‘I Want To Lose X Amount of Weight’

What they don’t focus on is what they have to do in order to do that.

Most people will jump in to a fitness lass, start a diet or hire a personal trainer in liverpool

It is never just a case of eat less move more… or,

There are always other factors that come in to play.

So before you start you must understand this concept.

The total weight loss you want is what we call an outcome goal

But what you must focus on is what we call behaviour goals.

That is things you must do every day in order to achieve your outcome.

In order for you to understand what behaviour goals you to work on you must first understand what habits got you in to this position in the first place.

So list down everything you know that you do that is stopping you achieving your goal.

You must then work on what is it you must employ to correct this.

Lets say its as simple as exercise.

The recommendations for exercise is just 3-5 hours per week. I personally recommend 7-9 hours a week but lets go with the minimum.

7 days in a week
24 hours in a day

7×24 = 168

Out of those 168 hours you must find 5 to workout…. My maths as you would expect is awful so i reckon that to workout for 5 hours thats just 3% of your week…

And people tell you they don’t have time to workout 🙂

So a behaviour goal is to find time to workout just 5 hours a week. (3% of your daily week…)

Another behaviour goal could be to reduce your stress.

Stress makes you eat/drink so that causes you to gain weight.

The biggest stress busters are:

Breathing Exercises

Which of those could you pick to end and start your day to reduce your stress?

I still can’t believe that 5 hours a week is only 3% of your week… and people use that as an excuse not to have time to workout.

I have never worked that figure out before.

Why you must also do is when you have listed all the behaviour goals you need to follow you then pick no more that 5 to work on that week.

I choose between 3-5 as a recommendation and you say to yourself very simply.

This is what i am working on for the next 7 days to get right.

And you do not move away from what you have chosen until for 7 consecutive days you have got these right.

Once you have done that repeat the process.

Exercise and nutrition are important to weight loss.

But they come a distance 100th compared to the habits you must create in order to lose weight and sustain your weight loss.

Its 13 weeks until Christmas.

Lets take the old 2lb a week mumbo jumbo…

That means according to the guidelines if you started your diet TODAY and created those habits you potentially could lose…

26lbs or just under 2 stone…. or 11.8kg….

No excuse is there?

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