One of the questions i am always asked from when i held boot camps and for personal training was ‘can i just pay as i go – i don’t want to commit’

So the answer was always NO.

Our Personal Training packages are 3 – 6- 12 month investment plans and if you wanted to train with myself you would have to commit to a 12 month plan and pay for the year upfront.

The 2 key words in that sentence was; investment and commit.

Your INVESTMENT is your time and dedication to your health. The 2 personal training sessions you do each week, the food plan you follow, the additional gym session or sprints you do……

The COMMITMENT is a big factor. As a personal trainer or boot camp owner if you either ‘pay as you go’ or only commit to 5 sessions i, as a professional cannot plan your future for the results you want. I can’t guarantee your commitment.

That is why our Personal Training programs are 3-6 or 12 month programs and why we also give a huge discount for upfront payments. We reward you financially with a discount for your time, investment and commitment to change.

Pay as You Go are focused on 1 thing. CASH – They as trainers do not know your commitment or whether you are turning up one week from the next. Their focus is to fill their camps with 20-30 people paying £5-£10 per session or have the same amount of people paying £10-£20-£30+ per session for PT.

They have no commitment to you – You have no commitment to your results or the program.

Some trainers will try and tell you at Liverpool Personal Training Studios we are all about the money… Really? We are the only company who gives you 14 day money back guarantee if you believe the program isn’t right from you for when you start… We were the first to offer 100% money back guarantee on results (that is now 200% but it is irrelevant because of the amazing transformations our clients get).

Do not mistake drop in classes and ones which require no commitment from you to be the right choice… You will still be flipping from class to class over the years trying to find the right solution.

Book your consultation at Liverpool Personal Training Studios with one of our dedicated personal trainers in Liverpool and finally get the results you want from a professional that values your time and commitment to your success!