Some of you may already have heard or know about the law of attraction and the beliefs surrounding this. You may even have read the book the secret or watched YouTube videos on the subject.

This ‘law’ is powerful.

Its incredible in helping us to reach our goals.

Unfortunately though a lot of it is misunderstood.

Closing your eyes or just thinking positive about the things you want won’t get you there.

If you closed your eyes and kept thinking; size 8, size 8, size 8 and then open your eyes…. it doesn’t happen.

Its actually a lot more powerful than that.

See the law of attraction is all about your thought process and how you actually view things yourself.

Imagine this; Me and you are stood together and this lady walks in to the gym.

She is in great shape, toned stomach and fitted gym gear. She just looks the perfect picture of health.

Now i might be there thinking

‘Look at her, show off, all jumped up thinking she is amazing just because she looks good’

You however might be thinking

‘WOW, what an inspiration, thats why i need to keep working out and keep trying hard’

Now both of us may have the exact same goal to get there in our heads but its the thought process that defines how we really develop.

Remember the saying; Thoughts leads to Emotions that leads to Action.

Thats the key.

How you digest your thoughts on a subject or situation is the outcome of your actions.

If you step in to a gym uncomfortable then the chances are you may not have a good workout.

Even though stepping in to the gym for the first time can seem daunting if you think of it in a different what that this is something you WANT to do because you MUST achieve ‘X’ results then your frame of mind changes.

You thought process for that event changes.

Why do you have to have that alcohol?
Why do you have to have desert?
Why do you have to have that extra chocolate bar?

How you think about your long term results and how your thoughts initially start is what leads to the action.

And remember…. Its that ACTION part most people forget…. Thats the ‘doing’