Stop Living In The Past – WOW….

When most people start their exercise program they get frustrated.

They get frustrated with what they ‘used to be able to do’

‘I used to run 10k’

‘I used to go to 5-6 class a week’

‘I used to be able to lift X amount’

We keep thinking about what we used to be able to do rather than focus on where we are right now.

In order for you to get any results in the gym you have to accept at start from where you are RIGHT NOW.

Whether thats walking for 10 minutes a day.

Starting your diet by getting your breakfast right.

See, when we start training again we forget all the struggles we had when we first started. We only remember how amazing we felt.

How ‘easy’ it was when we were in the routine.

We forget the times we didn’t want to go to the gym

The times we struggled to get our food right

The temptations we had to overcome

But what is different is you never gave up. You may have failed a few times but you never gave up and thats the difference between where you are right now and where you were.

You have to switch your mindset back to where it was.

Back to starting over and remembering why this is so important to you.

Reminding yourself every single day why it is so important for you to achieve this.

So forget about what you used to be able to do and start to focus on what you can do because…. you are in a stronger position now.

See, when you get in to it you will adapt quicker than previously

You will settle in to the exercise quicker

The diet will become easier

BUT you MUST accept you starting point right now and focus from here

Have a Fantastic Day.

Matt Ibbs

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