There seems to be some hot gossip on a program that was on this week on ‘Different Diets’…

Now i am not sure if this was the same one that spoke about sugar but this particular program cropped up a few times in me talking with people in the studios.

I haven’t watched it – i hate that sort of Tv because all its doing is directing people away from Lifestyle Choices to flipping to different diets.

They try and make out its ‘educational’ so you can see different results but more often that not what happens is people watch these programs and look to see which diet lost the most weight so by Monday morning they are in their local shop buying…

Just meats
Just veg

Its all BS really and just another ‘fad diet Tv’ program’.

As a country we are getting fatter

Disease is at its highest

More people are off sick

More people ‘can’t’ work due to sickness <<<=== Although some of these are clearly jackasses who can’t be bothered – but i am not political so won’t be commenting on these people…

Nutrients in foods is at an all time low and that is the key here which everyone misses

Those ‘healthy’ chicken and broccoli personal trainers who love posting their photos on Instagram and Facebook of their hormone pumped genetically modified chicken stuffed with their nutrient dense ‘steamed’ broccoli – they are just dumb…

Because they don’t get it either…

We have created a society where we want two things

CHEAP food

Remember growing up when bread would only last 2 days…. thats real bread – But no… we didn’t want that. We want bread to last a week…

So… in their marketing genius they came up with chemicals that allow our products to last a week

Then we wanted cheaper fruit and veg… how do we make it cheaper? We grow it quicker and faster… meaning we lose 80% of the nutrients these types of foods once had.

And then to top it off meats are at an all time low in price.. 20 chicken breasts for £20!!

How do they produce it so cheap.

They factory farm the food, feed it corn, pump them with antibiotics and hormones to make them grow quicker and then there you have it….


And here is the best part…

You can still lose weight by eating all this genetically modified foods and meats because weight loss comes down to one thing and one thing only

Calories In -v- Calories Out


What moronic personal trainers and Tv programs fail to tell you is this….

While the simplicity of weight loss is exactly what i have mentioned above this is completely different from BEING HEALTHY.

See cancer, heart disease, diabetes right the way through to gum disease are all on the increase…

People will say ‘oh its because its more public now and we can test for these things’…


Guess who tells you this… The government…. You know, the people who commit fraud daily, the same ones who cut NHS services… the same ones who allows certain drugs to be used because of the mark up and profits… you think the are going to say;

‘Well yes the chemicals we use have been shown to be harmful to human health but it means more profits so we won’t stop their use…. now please vote for me so i can commit more fraud…’

All politicians are the same to me so i don’t follow any particular party.

But aside from al the politics and pointless Tv programs being healthy comes down to this.

Eat more greens
Eat fish 2-3 times a week
Have lentils 2-3 times a week
Have meats once a week

And your meats MUST be organic and the fish not corn fed or farmed.

And follow a raw vegetable diet.

And wooosaaaa……..

Feel relaxed now.

Have a Fantastic Weekend


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