I cannot believe how quick this year has gone already… summer is well and truly upon us – especially after the amazing weather this weekend.

So by now people are either well in to their ‘summer sexy program’ or about to start.

Can you remember this time last year when you stepped out in the sun?

What did you do to make you feel that day?

How did your last program work for you?

Did you get all the results you want?

Well to add a little more to that program i have come up with 7 summer beach body tips for you to get ready this summer.

  1. Get mobile: Do 3-4 fasted cardio sessions each morning for around 30 minutes. This will be either a light jog or walk but get moving. This not only burns some chunk it also gets your digestion and blood flowing.
  2. Cut the crap: Not food! Cut the crap… if you cheat why lie? Don’t kid yourself thinking ‘just one’ or ‘it won’t make a difference’… guess what? It does – if your serious cut the crap and dedicate your dient to your health 🙂
  3. Eat 5 small meals: Spread your food over 5 meals. Prepare everything and try and eat every 2-3 hours. Old Skool training but works amazingly well.
  4. Cut Gluten: Imagine pushing chewing gum in to a pipe and then trying to squeeze food past it. Its slow isn’t it. Well this is exactly what gluten does to your digestive system. It slows it down meaning you feel sluggish, lack energy and look bloated.
  5. Swap coffee for green tea: Green tea (try and get the one with ginger) is a real effective diuretic and in some studies has been shown to speed up fat metabolism. Get the one with ginger in too and you have added digestive properties as ginger is excellent for digestion
  6. WATER: This is by far the best ‘fat burner’ ‘health supplement’ in the world! Energy, digestion, mental alertness…. if you are dehydrated your body WILL NOT function properly… its that simple. Have 1 litre per 50lbs of body weight.
  7. Don’t over ‘OSE’: Nearly worked!! Anything on the back of your food packets ending OSE is sugar… Those pesky food companies!! Any food with OSE throw it on the floor in the shop so they can’t sell it and walk out proud that you have stopped someone getting fat 🙂

They are really simple tips right but you need to be consistent and persistent with it… the days you want to slack or cheat remember why you started.

Have a fantastic day.


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