There has been a couple of really good programs in the week which have been brilliant to watch.

One which has gotten a lot of attention is about the Children being over weight and who is to blame.

And one that stuck out was the little girl who had to have 8 teeth removed (She was about 5 or 6 years old) because of the damage from the soft drinks and sweets she had… although the mother swore blind she didn’t have these all the time 🙂

BUT i don’t want to talk about the program i want to talk about something that always makes me laugh…

And its the cruel parents…

The parents who don’t feed their children sugary foods

The parents who give their children wholesome foods instead of cereals

The parents who give their children water over fruit juices and sugary drinks

The parents who encourage their children to be active

The parents who only let their children have sweets or treats on special occasions

Now with obesity on the rise

1 in 3 children now susceptible to diabetes

More children developing asthma

Illnesses associated with a poor diet

More sick days for children in school

‘Man made’ chemicals causing ADHD and other behavioural problems

I want to ask you this,

Who is the ‘cruel’ parent?

Is it the parent that regular gives their child ‘treats’ to keep them happy or ‘because its cruel not to’?


Is it the parent who encourages healthy eating, treats sweets etc as treats and encourages their child to be active?

Have a Fantastic Weekend


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