A really quick and simply blog post for you today before Christmas…

Ladies (especially) come in to the studio and the 3 areas they are most unhappy with are;

Arms – Abs – Bum

So today i am putting together a simple selection of my top 3 exercises for your butt. Now please remember when choosing any exercise plan with a trainer they will first initially asses you for any muscle imbalances etc and use this for exercises but please gives these a try next time you are in the gym.

I worked with a client a lot as she lacked development in that area and the 3 choices below were the main base for the work.

Number 3: Squats – Some may disagree with me on this being the 3rd choice as there are tons of posters going around on Facebook etc saying ‘The bum if you squat -v- the bum that doesn’t squat’ but my reason for putting this first falls in to two.

The first being that the majority of people who have not been taught to squat properly do not go low enough to get the full range of movement and full activation of the glutes. By pushing through your heels you will get some activation from your glutes and of course hamstring but full range of motion is needed for full activation – but even then this still falls in at number 3.

The second reason being that TOWELS and PADDING should be banned!!!! I cannot remember what the squatting record is but these guys do it with just a vest and t-shirt on… not only can this cause and uneven positioning on your back the basics of a squat need to be where to have the bar – whether it is a deep or high bar is dependent on what you want and from this. A low back bar squat allows for more weight to be lifted than a higher bar back squat. So if its for high weight load have a low back bar and for reps have a high back bar.

For you guys doing this have a high back bar please.

Number 2: Stiff Leg Deadlift – A fantastic exercise for working the whole of the posterior chain and hitting the hamstrings and glutes.

Having slightly bent legs allows you to activate your glutes and while this is predominately a hamstring exercise it still helps to shape the back of the legs amazingly and develop your glutes.

Number 1: Bulgarian Split Squats – These are an absolute killer and an excellent exercise to help with glute development. Having your leg on the bench allows you to go slight lower placing more stress on the glutes and hamstrings and really forcing the muscle to grow and develop.

With most leg exercises you are also going to be working the quadriceps and the above are no different (they are activated in stiff leg deadliest) but the emphasis is to place the workload through the posterior chain – back – flutes – hamstrings mainly and this will help you to develop.

Short and sweet article and very simple to follow.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.