So someone you know wants to start a healthy lifestyle and drop some weight or they already have this in their life and you are looking at getting them a suitable gift for Christmas.

Here is a list of 4 beneficial pieces of equipment all for under £20.
Charcol Water Bottle

Charcoal Water Purifier: In Japan they have been using charcoal for hundreds of years as a purifer for water.

You can buys these for around £15 and i am sure it is Mathers on Bold Street, Liverpool who sell them too.

The charcoal helps to reduce chlorine, mineralise the water and also helps to balance the PH of the water .







Smart SHaker

The Smart Shaker: Costing around £10 this is one of my favourite fitness products. SOOOOO simple and clever design as it has storage for capusles an additional storage for protein powder etc.

The only downside is that it is to thick at the base to fit in your car cup holder but apart from the a ‘smart’ present and very helpful for storage and ease of use.

You can pick these up in Liverpool at Fitness Factory on Derby lane near old swan or add PNI Supplements on Facebook.



Beanie Headphones


Beanie Running Hat: Not just any running hat this hat comes with BUILT IN HEADPHONES!!! Not like the old caps with beer attached to them but a cool hat for training out doors when doing your intervals or long slow cardio…

I saw these in Tesco’s which gave me the idea to put them on the list as great presents. If you cannot find it in Tesco then i am sure (but not certain) that Natterjacks off Allerton Road will sell this.






Seconds Pro

Seconds Pro APP: This is a neat little app you can download and put together your own circuit sessions – even having the names of the exercise appear…

You can also set the app for whatever work and rest periods you like so fantastic for Intervals or HIIT training and also for AMRAPS and circuit sessions… AND will work amazingly well with the Beanie Hat!!!


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