TRX Class in Liverpool: Gym Reb3l

TRX HIIT Combines the Benefits of TRX Suspension Training to Tighten Your Core and Increase Muscle Tone While Raising Heart Rate and Maximizing the Levels of Calories Burnt During Each Session

TRX HIIT is a class based at Gym Reb3l that incorporates all the basics of TRX, suspension training but mixed with a HIIT workout plan.

TRX (suspension training) incorporates your whole body during each movement. Your stomach muscles are always engaged and keeping you in position helping to flatten and tone your core while your upper and lower body and working through the movements.

It is an incredible way to target your whole body while increasing strength and muscle tone.

And now at Gym Reb3l we have turned this in to the best TRX class in Liverpool by adding our own unique HIIT training system to the workouts.

So now we can target your strength and muscle tone but also increase your heart rate to burn more calories during the 30-minute session. It not only makes this the most effective TRX class in Liverpool is makes it the best TRX class in Liverpool as we add the Reb3l FUN to your workout and the results.

Gym Reb3l Offers the Best TRX Class in Liverpool

Without a doubt 🙂

At Gym Reb3l we want to make your fitness classes fun and enjoyable. And we also want to give you the best experience and service and it is why we only employ the best personal trainers in Liverpool to run our TRX classes.

And using our own workout system designed by our Gym Reb3l Personal Trainers we can guarantee you the results and progress you will make from the class.

The TRX training caters for all individuals and is low impact. And because we only employ personal trainers to run our TRX class we can offer you a personal touch to the classes.

So, if you have any injuries or are simply not ready to perform certain exercises on the TRX then we can adjust the workout to you. We only offer spaces for 12 people in our TRX classes so we can keep up our high standards of attention to each of our Gym Reb3l members.


I Have Never Used A TRX Before, Does This Matter?

No, not at all. For beginners and people new to TRX training there will be some exercises where we will start you off with just body weight movements away from the TRX. This is part of your progress to a safe and effective TRX class and as you progress through the class then so do the exercises.

Like all our classes at Gym Reb3l, they are run by the best personal trainers in Liverpool. So, each member is treated individually and while this is a group TRX class, changes will be made for everyone when necessary.

What Do I Bring to My First TRX Class in Liverpool?

Simply bring some water (we recommend 1 litre), a towel to wipe away the sweat and a smile J

Our fun, energetic workouts will raise your endorphins (the happy chemical) through the roof and you will leave our TRX class feeling energized and proud of your achievements.

Can I Bring a Friend to The TRX Class in Liverpool at Gym Reb3l?

Of course, you can, in fact we recommend it. We are building Liverpool’s best fitness community at Gym Reb3l and we encourage you to bring as many people as you feel will benefit from our unique styles of training.

We offer varied classes from Reb3l Yoga to Pads and Abs, and they all have the Gym Reb3l theme of high ENERGY, FUN and the BEST EXPERIENCE in fitness you could want.

How Can I Book the TRX Class in Liverpool at Gym Reb3l?

As with all our fitness classes in Liverpool you must book through the Gym Reb3l APP. You can download the APP from the buttons above or by simply >>> clicking here <<<

Once in the app follow the 3 simple instructions and remember, you can book your first TRX class for free.

If you are having problems with the APP you can call the studio direct on 07710 448 273

Please do not just turn up for a class. Please make sure you book via the APP or ring ahead if need be.