Alongside training, diet is absolutely vital in trying to cut weight. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking if they train hard, they can eat whatever they like. However, this is not the case! People who believe in this method will only hit certain goals and won’t go any further with looking aesthetically better because their diet isn’t in check. Training only forms half the battle, if you want REAL successful results then you need to follow a strict diet plan whilst continuing with a challenging exercise regimen.

When trying to get into excellent shape you should set realistic goals. People tend to look for quick fixes with minimum effort and quite commonly turn to drastic diets such as Herbalife and those alike. The fact is these diets are incredibly unhealthy and although weight loss may seem to be great at the time during a quick fix, the weight will indefinitely return and usually bring more with it. Therefore, realistic goals should be set so that fat loss can be achieved in healthily and also be more permanent. At the end of the day slow progress is still progress.

One of the most common myths of losing fat is to cut fat out of your diet as much as possible.  This is completely untrue, and the statement of “eating fat will get you fat” is well and truly dated now. The fact is what makes people fat is SUGAR! Think of it from this concept, when you take in regular amounts of fat in your diet, your body recognises that it will receive a steady supply and will release additional amounts of body fat with necessary action. The key is to know what type of fat to consume and when to consume it. You should look to get your healthy fats (unsaturated) from sources such as nuts, oily fish, or fruits such as avocados. Try to limit fat intake from bad fats (saturated) and you will find saturated fats are rich in sources such as crisps, cakes, pizza, and a lot of savoury foods. Additionally, you should try to cut out sugar from your diet altogether! Sugar is the main reason why people become fat. In a nutshell, when sugar is consumed it forms a spike on the insulin hormone. As a result, fat loss is limited as the energy which the body utilises when training is supplied from the sugar which stops the body from utilising its own source of energy which is fat.

In the near future I will be writing a more detailed article on sugar and will explain the effects it has on the body and how it does us no favours in terms of losing fat.

Kevin Poole – BSc (1st class), MSc