LSC has been around for years… you know the people. The ones walking on the treadmill holding the top on the screen hanging on for dear life while having the treadmill at an incline!!

So today i am going to show you how to spread the word to add some simple weight loss in Liverpool to anyone wanting or needing it 🙂

There has been a huge shift over the past few years on more and more personal trainers favouring towards HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – this actually confuses me as all interval training is high intensity training as it takes a lot of effort but this is another marketing ploy for you guys to follow believing the industry has come out with a new phenomenon….


HIT – or high intensity training has been around for years. Ellington Dardon, Arthur Jones, Mike Mentzer, Dorian Yates… these body builders and coaches used this philosophy throughout their training years but now there is a new twist and its the BS name of HIIT.

Back to LSC…

LSC uses the theory that because you are working at a lower heart rate over a period of time your body with then start to utilise fat stores as an energy while also protecting muscle. You do work for a longer duration of between 40-60 minutes and some people will even take on BCAA during or before to ensure muscle protection (there are so many theories around this nothing has been conclusive so for me if it helps to mentally take it if not don’t).

LSC should ideally be done fasted first thing in the morning but here is where a lot of people fall short.

You still have to elevate your heart rate to a working level and monitor it. Thats why a lot of people choose the treadmill (DON’T HOLD ON THOUGH) as you can set a speed an incline to elevate your heart rate.

If you train outside its slightly harder to manage so ideally where a heart rate watch.

LSC does also not mean walking… its low intensity. So if your target is to get your heart rate to 135bpm this may still require a gentle jog and not a walk.

Basically LSC does not mean walking and relaxing during training – you still have to work to get results!!

A basic formula to calculate your heart rate for LSC is:

220 – resting heart rate = X
X – age = Y
Y x 65% = Z
Z + Age = Your Target Heart Rate For LSC.

Simple right 🙂

I personally still believe LSC has a place in anyones fitness regime and 2-3 mornings a week of LSC coupled with 3-4 weight sessions are ideal.

I know some personal trainers who will have you completing 6-10 interval sprints at the end of LSC and thats perfect too.

Have a great weekend.

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