OK so a bit of a cliche in the Arnie is used as fitness motivation BUT the philosophies and belief system used to get him to where he is today is what has made him successful.

Yesterday part of the post was about your WHY. WHY is something so important for you to achieve and also to visualise the finish. Listen to how he talks about setting his goals and how he has a clear defined goal of the end product.

I can’t read story books, I’m just not interested but i love autobiographies and his is one of the best i have read. Finding out what makes successful people tick and what motivates them is amazing and it helps with your own personal development.

Some people have a belief of money as the main motivator but in 99.9% of books i have read this is not the case… money comes with the success they are chasing and it is part of the reward for their achievement but his opening line of ‘I didn’t want to be a body builder…. I wanted to be the best body builder of all time’.

A clear defined goal from someone who not only changed body building but also changed the face of Hollywood in terms of action hero’s (him and Stallone).

Enjoy 🙂

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