Losing weight can be tough. The simple and patronising advice of ‘Eat Less, Move More’ does nothing to help and many people are left frustrated when trying to lose weight.

So today i have put together a quick post for you on Why You Can’t Lose Weight and what you can do about this.

Its A Chore: Most people try and lose weight for 2 reasons. 1 because they have an event or 2 because they have been told to. Very few people actually try to lose weight for the right reason – For Their Health.

With most people falling in to brackets 1 and 2 weight loss for most can become a chore. Can’t eat this, ‘diet food’ tastes bland, miss nights out… the list is endless and the constant voice in your head telling you that you are missing out turns the diet in to a chore.

What To Do About It: Understand why you really want to lose weight. Do not think of a target of weight loss but understand the feelings of how you feel right now with your weight. Sit with a pen and paper and just write, don’t think about what you right just answer one simple question.

How Does My Weight Make Me Feel.

You Don’t Want To: This is serious… You might actually NOT want to lose weight. Very similar to some of the points in the first section but deep deep down do you actually WANT to lose weight or are you being told or pressured in to losing weight.

What To Do: Think about how important weight loss is to you. How will it change your life? How will it change your ¬†family, your relationships, job… anything. Just think about it and think how it would benefit every aspect and your relationship and then see if losing weight is something you want to do.

Your Mindset: Look at the first two points. They all come down to one thing – Mindset.

If your mindset isn’t right and its not something you fully understand or WANT then it won’t happen. You may yo-yo diet, do it for a few weeks… but long term it will not happen.

What To Do: Your mindset is something you have to work on and its not something that you wake up one day an go ‘right i am losing weight…’

Remind yourself WHY you are doing this.
Remind yourself WHY you MUST do this
Remind yourself what would happen if you did not do this.

Understanding the ‘pain’ and the ‘pleasure’ side of wanting to achieve something is a huge motivator.

Have a Fantastic Day.