If you are in work today or meeting friends have a look around and see how many people are on a diet. How many people are talking about starting a diet and how many people have succeeded at a diet.

So many of us fail at a diet for one simple reason WHY YOU WON’T LOSE WEIGHT.

We don’t understand it.

I know what your thinking; ‘Of course i understand it, you count the points, count the calories or eat the foods from the list’…

That my friend – Is NOT understanding the diet.

You see in order for you to lose weight, get lean, build muscle and 8 packs…. in order for you to achieve any of those you need to do one thing.

Make Your Diet Your Lifestyle.

You have to make a complete shift in your approach mentally. It HAS TO become a way of life. In order for you to achieve your results it needs to become the norm.

Running an eating plan for 4-5 days a week with a binge at the weekend isn’t making it your lifestyle.
Kidding yourself that a small handful of Haribo at your desk isn’t making getting healthy your lifestyle
Sipping on DIET drinks because they have low calories isn’t making getting healthy your priority

Your mind set should make you want to do it and until then you will continue to Yo-Yo in weight and look for the magic solution in trying al diets, shakes, pills and wraps until you eventually discover that there is no secret to weight loss and getting healthy – you just need your mindset to be right.

So what 3 things can you do now to put this in place.

1) Write down EVERYTHING you have tried in the last 5 years to lose weight – every name of every diet, every type of diet

2) Write down next to each of these WHAT results you got and WHY it didn’t work out long term for you

3) Stick it on your fridge, in your wallet or as your screen saver and remind yourself that ALL you have listed is a waste of time and not a lifestyle change but a FAD.

BONUS: Write down WHY it is so important to you to change your lifestyle and what you plan to do so you do not feel like you do today.

You see we have a subconscious part of our mind where each day whether we like it or not we think about issues or problems that bother us. This adds a little extra stress to our day.

A technique i learnt a while ago was my ‘P*** Me Of List which i spoke about. Basically listing everything which plays on my mind and what i can do to eradicate them.

This also involves body image and diet… it will annoy people if things don’t work and you need to look at why they don’t work and why they are bothering you.

Hope this helps and have a fantastic day.


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