Gym Reb3l: Reb3l Yoga Class in Liverpool

Reb3l Yoga is a Yoga Class Like No Other in Liverpool. It Combines All the Traditional Elements of Yoga but to an Upbeat Music Selection of R ‘n’ B, Trance, Dance, Soul and Pop.

Gym Reb3l is proud to present to you our Reb3l Yoga class in Liverpool and offer you the chance to take a FREE yoga class in Liverpool at our Gym Reb3l studio.

Gym Reb3l is a friendly, community focused fitness studio offering a mix of Personal Training, Semi Private Personal Training and Group Fitness Classes.

Reb3l Yoga is one of our fitness classes we offer at Gym Reb3l and it has proven to be one of our most popular.

Within our personal training studio, we have a purpose-built Yoga Studio in Liverpool at The Matchworks, L19.

Reb3l Yoga is an all level Yoga Class and is taught by Georgiana Webb, one of the best Yoga Teachers in Liverpool.

The Reb3l Yoga class combines traditional forms of Yoga and poses but we have a specific music track that we use alongside each class.

At Gym Reb3l we understand that while some people love yoga they do not like the atmosphere that some yoga classes create.

At Gym Reb3l we have adapted that and introduced a yoga class in Liverpool that use music tracks written specifically for the yoga class.

The music flows with the class and takes you through an initial warm up and breathing exercises, right through the main movements and then to a guided meditation at the end.

It really is a different experience to other yoga classes in Liverpool and one that we are sure you will enjoy.

You can claim your free yoga class in Liverpool at our Gym Reb3l studio by simply clicking the button below and downloading our app.

Claim Your Free Reb3l Yoga Class in Liverpool with Gym Reb3l

Once you have downloaded our fitness studio timetable you can then book your first yoga class for free.

Please share the link with any friends or family who you feel may benefit from our Reb3l Yoga and they too can claim a free yoga class at Gym Reb3l.

Yoga has many benefits to the body and mind but if you are someone who traditionally lifts weights as part of your health and fitness regime yoga is a must.

The mobility you will gain will help with traditional lifts such as clean and press, deadlifts and squats as it opens the hips and produces more mobility across the whole body.

People who generally lift weights become tight across the traps (Back) and shoulders and this hinders their bench press and shoulder pressing movements.

By increasing mobility in these areas and freeing up with back muscle you are then able to full press overhead (most people press in front of their body rather than have their elbows in line with their ears) and reduce the risk of shoulder injuries through bench press.

We cannot recommend our Reb3l Yoga class in Liverpool enough, and we really hope you use this opportunity to claim your first yoga class for free and come and trial Liverpool best yoga class in Liverpool.


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